Why invest in the UK real estate market?

An escalating housing crisis

England needs to build four million new homes to deal with an escalating housing crisis. According to research by Heriot-Watt University England has a backlog of 3.91 million homes, meaning 340.000 new homes need to be built each year until 2031.

Today, the UK’s well-established legal system, stable currency, growing population and limited land supply continue to provide a favourable backdrop for investors, whether they seek financial returns or just need a place to settle their families.

New built homes needs to double

Across the UK it is currently built on average 140.000 homes per year, recent reforms are only increasing this modestly. The UK population is growing at 1%, which is adding around 270.000 new households per year. In addition there is an existing chronic shortage of housing from decades of underinvestment. Therefore, 270.000 homes per year needs to be built to keep track with population growth, or around 350.000 to reduce the current shortage of housing. This would mean building two cities the size of Bristol every year.*

* Source: CLG Live Table 241 UK Completions, ONS Household Projections. The Guardian.

Lack of housing and supply in England

Housing crisis in UK

Highly lucrative and safe investment

We offer a highly lucrative and safe alternative for people to make use of their savings, earn an additional stream of passive income or provide for their pensions.

  • Standard bank savings account: –1,5%
  • Savings account (e.g. ISA): –2,7%
  • Gyllendal: 6–15% p.a. depending on strategy.

Property investment Lucrative safe investment

A variety of investment options

Property is daunting at the best of times and for people looking to get involved in property sometimes the first step is hard to take but with the banks now paying less than 1% interest PA there’s nowhere better to put your money. We offer a variety of options which enable investors of all calibers to work with us and to take from the opportunity what they wish. Whether that be completely hands off or a full walk through.

Fixed return or joint venture?

  • By offering Fixed rate returns for our investors, paid back quarterly in installments or as a lump sum at the end of the term along with the principle.
  • By working together via a contractual agreement or more commonly known as a “Joint venture”.


Solving housing crisis in UK

Massive demand for homes in UK. It’s taking people longer and longer to save up a deposit. There has been a range of research into the amount of new housing needed, with
estimates as high as 340.000 new homes per year.

Old English town houses with small shops or business on ground floor. Bond street, London@2x