Why invest in London?

As the first city in the world to boast a population of over a million, London’s worldwide importance cannot be underestimated. The capital acts as a benchmark for other cities across the globe for economic prosperity, pioneering action in industry and engineering, political movements and exemplar education.

Greater London has a population of over 8.74 million, which is higher than the likes of New York City, Paris and Tokyo. Property prices in London have risen at a faster rate than any other region in the UK over the last decade and similarly, rents are rising at a faster rate than house prices.

Liquidity is a key factor when investing in London, with the average time to sell a property in London being far less than the rest of the country. London has been voted as the best city to live in across the globe, making London a hugely popular location for those opting for rented accommodation.

Investing in London is a great opportunity to be close to some of the best universities in the world. This is an attractive feature for overseas investors in particular to immerse their children in the rich historical culture that London has to offer as well as giving them the chance to be educated at such prestigious establishments.

Short facts on London

  • Global Financial Centre no 2 after New York
  • World richest ranked no 6th
  • 3rd highest number of billionaires in the world
  • World renowned University in UK
London Housing crisis


The economy in London is predicated to increase at a rate faster than Paris and New York, and is even said to become the fourth largest city economy in the world by 2020. This means that there will be an excess of new business opportunities available in addition to the creation of thousands of new jobs.

The headquarters of some of the biggest banks are located in the city of London, such as Standard Chartered and Lloyds Banking Group, which makes London an economically secure place to invest.


Tourism is a fundamental aspect that contributes towards the economy; the City of London is where many of London’s great attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London are situated.

FACTS: Why invest in London


Economical growth

The UK’s largest, leading buy-to-let city and at present, supply of rental properties is not meetingthe high demand.


Housing prices

Property prices in London have increase in value by over 500% across the last decade.



Greater London has a growing population of over 8.74 million.


Rental market

The UK’s largest, leading buy-to-let city and at present, supply of rental properties is not meeting the high demand.


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