Why invest in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a thriving UK city with big opportunities and exciting plans for the future

Liverpool is undergoing a £14 billion regeneration. Redevelopment of the iconic waterfront, a new creative district and a world-leading knowledge sector. Liverpool is leading the way in reimagining the urban landscape. Liverpool’s economy is thriving, which makes it a compelling location for buy-to-let investors. The city has been transformed in the past decade by significant public and private investment. The waterfront in particular is stunning.

Unfortunately there is a real shortage of high quality rental accommodation available, meaning that apartments are being let for a premium. This is good news for investors and makes Liverpool a national buy to let property hotspot. With young people attracted to the city’s four universities, alongside Liverpool’s famous culture, amenities and easy access transport solutions, students and graduates alike are significantly increasing rental demands across Liverpool.

Liverpool street


Liverpool sits at the centre of a regional population of 1.5 million people who drive a regional economy worth approximately £30 billions. Data from Centre for Cities’ shows that between 1998 and 2016 Liverpool’s economy grew more than any major British city except London, Edinburgh or Cardiff.


Liverpool is an extremely well connected city, making it primed for business. The city benefits from 10 major motorways being within 10 minutes and local airports fly to over 200 destinations globally. It is also within commutable distance to Manchester, and approximately two hours from London. The proposed speed train network in the North of England is planned to connect people, jobs and businesses. It shows that the program could bring nearly 100.000 extra businesses within an hour of Liverpool and 70.000 extra businesses and more than a million visitors to within 90 minutes travel time.

In the next 5 years Liverpool will deliver:

  • 10.000 new homes
  • Everton football clubs new stadium
  • A new cruise terminal
  • A new TV and film hub
  • £250 million of road infrastructure
  • 2 million square feet of commercial office space.
  • The planned speed train HS2, Manchester–London journeys would take only 1 hour and 8 min.

FACTS: Why invest in Liverpool


Economical growth

The economy of Liverpool more than doubled in size from 1998-2016 (CityMetric, 2018). Liverpool currently has £14bn with of regeneration projects on site or in the pipeline and in 2018 £1bn worth of schemes will be completed for a record fourth consecutive year.


Housing prices

Liverpool recorded the highest rate of house price growth in the UK over the last year, second only to Manchester. Over this twelve-month period, Liverpool grew at 8% per annum, a percentage way above the national average.



Population stands at 893.000 in 2019. With 50% growth over the last decade, Liverpool continues to show promise and offers long-term benefits to millennials. UK’s fastest growing city centre, with the population increasing by 181% between 2002 and 2015 (BBC, 2018).


Rental market

Liverpool had three of the top ten postcodes in Britain’s top-performing rental yield. There are over 70.000 students in Liverpool and the number continues to grow. JLL anticipates that rents in Liverpool will rise by 17.6% by 2022 (JLL, 2018).


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